For this rebrand I wanted to capture the history behind the game and give it a luxurious twist. Monopoly was created at the very end of the Art Deco era, and since the goal of the game is to take all your friends money and become the richest player, an Art Deco theme made the most sense. Each of the properties cards have a different Art Deco style building on the back of them to allude to the property you are ‘purchasing’. The community chest and chance cards are also themed around the 1920’s. The cards include phrases such as “The Stockmarket crashed. Lose 20% of total funds” and “Become a flapper, collect $150”. There are also hints to the 1920’s spread across the board as well. Such as ‘boardwalk’ being turned into ‘wall street’ and a speakeasy instead of Free Parking in the corner. This whole project was so fun to create. As a long time Monopoly fan, I’m glad I got to create a version of the game that I love. 

Monopoly rebrand